Concrete on Demand
Reliable, Quality, On-site Adaptability

Perfect for Home Building, Landscaping, Waterproofing, specialized projects

Streamline production and turn projects around faster with less downtime and quick clean up. Our mobile volumetric mixers provide the flexibility to produce concrete on-site in any quantity without waste. That means you only pay for what you use.

Do you have multiple projects on one site?

Volumetric mixed concrete is great for all types of commercial and construction projects, including sidewalks, roads, and bridges. It’s also excellent for other types of jobs like structure repair, curb and gutter work, utility work, concrete leveling, swimming pool work, hardscaping, foundation work, drainage ditch work, and other jobs that require precise positioning of small concrete loads.

Suitable for short pours, readymix delivery, civil applications, mining, precast, shotcrete/gunite and specialty concrete including fast setting, coloured and pervious. 

Less Wait, Save time 

We know that construction schedules can vary and our volumetric trucks will give you the ability to have the concrete you need, onsite, when you need it. We can set up on-site and start pouring in minutes. This cuts down wait time and your labor costs. In the same day we can pour a sidewalk that needs fiber, lean concrete or flowable fill for utility work.

Volumetric Concrete is the best way to buy concrete and pay for just what you need. We can do almost any type of project, large or small. Contact us today to learn more about how Rio Aggregate Services Volumetric Cement Mixers can help you make your project a success!  

Great for producing concrete in remote locations.

Do you want a faster turn-around for a lower cost? Rio Aggregate will deliver

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